Lettero Color Matching program is a full range of equipment for visual color evaluation under standardized lighting conditions. Our devices use traditional fluorescent lamps or modern LED sources as light sources. The quality of products and their compliance with ISO standards are confirmed by FOGRA certificates.

Lettero Color Matching Program includes:

  • desktop/compact PVB illuminators for use in graphic studios,
  • CMB viewing stations for evaluating the color of 3D objects used in every branch of production,
  • CCS control stations designed to work in the pressroom mainly for the printing industry,
  • large-format CCS-SP control and measuring stations


Thanks to the high quality and versatility of our devices, they have long been appreciated by customers all over Europe.

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CMB-70E-FOGRA Color Match Box – viewing station used to visually assess and compare the colors of 3D objects. Used in a variety of production sectors where the color of the product is important: food processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical or automotive industries.

Lettero viewing stations can be equipped with up to 5 light sources. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can install the following lighting systems: D50, D65, A, TL84 i UV. In this way, in addition to color evaluation, color metamerism can also be tested.

The viewing station is FOGRA-certified for D50 LED light source.

CCS-130-FOGRA CCS control station – used mainly to control the production process in the printing industry directly in the pressroom. Also used in laboratories, textile, cosmetics industries, etc. It is used where color accuracy is important.

The possibility of using D50 and D65 light sources, in addition to color evaluation, allows for metamerism testing.

Lettero CCS control stations are versatile and flexible thanks to additional equipment. Depending on the application, the station can be equipped with a spectrophotometer’s handle, monitor’s handle or comfortable cabinets and drawers.

The control station is FOGRA-certified for D50 LED light source.

PVB-PRO-FOGRA-1 PVB desktop illuminator – to evaluate and compare color on all types of printouts, it provides standardized lighting conditions at every stage of image processing.

Desktop illuminators are used primarily in the broadly understood process of graphic processing. From computer graphics workstations to photographers, advertising agencies, etc. Whenever it is necessary to ensure proper color reproduction on printed materials during the entire processing process.

Lettero PVB illuminators can be equipped with up to three light sources – D50, D55 and D60, which broadens the applicability.

The illuminator is FOGRA-certified for D50 LED light source.

ccs-sp-1800-st-ss CCS-SP large-format control and measuring stations are designed for comfortable work with large-format prints. The stations are equipped with light sources with a temperature of 5000K (D50), a guide with a handle for the spectrophotometer and a monitor mount.

The CCS-SP Lettero control and measuring stations are available in four sizes of work surface and can be equipped with a base with drawers.