The Lettero brand is a comprehensive storage and archiving solution for flexography. Our offer includes:

  • high storage racks for flat and cylindrical dies,
  • racks for photopolymers with handle system,
  • trolley-hangers for convenient and safe transport of photopolymer forms, sleeves and printing cylinders,
  • cabinets and racks for photopolymers together with protective envelopes,
  • mobile racks for printing cylinders,
  • racks for sleeves,
  • drawer cabinets for storing sheet materials e.g. photopolymers


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flexography storage system

Rack for storing flat dies in cassettes.

A solution that ensures the safety of dies and comfort of use.

Flat dies are placed in metal cassettes which protect against damage and facilitate transport, storage and identification of dies in the warehouse.

The cassettes are placed on dedicated guides for easy storage and management. The cassettes are designed to be removed from the racks with a forklift truck. The guides are suitable for standard storage racks.

Depending on the size of the dies used, you can select one of 4 sizes of cassettes.

printing sleeves storage

Racks for printing sleeves and trolleys for transporting the rollers from the warehouse to the machine.

Stored sleeves must first be protected against surface damage and loss of sleeve geometry. The vertical storage and transport system of the sleeves meets these requirements. Suitably equipped racks and trolley-hangers separate the sleeves and prevent accidental damage.
Stationary racks and a system of mobile racks which save storage space are available for the storage of sleeves. As a complement to the system, trolley-hangers for easy transport of sleeves from the warehouse to the machine are available.
The racks and trolley-hangers are manufactured in different sizes depending on the needs.

photopolymers storage racks

A system for storing photopolymers on high storage racks.

The photopolymer form is fastened with clips to the hanger bar and then stored on dedicated panels with hanger rails, which can be placed on a standard high storage rack.
This solution provides great flexibility – any photopolymer can be attached to the hanger bar, they are reusable. The hanger panel fits most racks.
Depending on the size of the photopolymers used, they can be stored on two or three levels of the rack.

Envelope racs for photopolymers

Envelope racks for photopolymers.

The racks are used to store photopolymers or other sheet materials in envelopes. Thanks to the universal Lettero envelope rail, the system fits the envelopes of most manufacturers. Photopolymer forms stored in envelopes are protected against damage, dirt and light.
We offer cabinets, racks and transport trolleys for storing envelopes.

Racks for cylindrical dies

Racks for cylindrical dies

Lettero’s racks for cylindrical dies are designed for the convenient and safe storage of dies in printing houses. Depending on the warehouse capacity and needs, we offer racks with different capacities.
For large quantities of dies, a system of sliding racks is dedicated, which allows to save up to 70% of warehouse space.