The lettero brand was established in 1994. The most important aspect of our business is providing professional solutions for the printing industry.

From the very beginning we have been producing ancillary equipment for every printing technique: for offset, screen printing and flexography. In recent years, we have designed and implemented many storage solutions for the printing industry. We manufacture cabinets, racks and trolley-hangers for storing, archiving and transporting: printing rollers, flat and cylindrical dies and photopolymer forms.

We are the creator of the LETTERO COLOR MATCHING program, which enables professional color evaluation at all stages and at all positions of image and color reproduction: from computer image processing studio, through overlay printing in analogue printing houses (in traditional and digital techniques) to the production line of finished 3D products – wherever color matters. We are the only company in Poland that manufactures viewing stations for color control in LED technology. Compliance with ISO standards of the lighting used in our equipment is confirmed by the FOGRA certificate.

Our range of equipment for the printing industry is supplemented by metal furniture. Apart from applications in the area of production and professional services, furniture produced under the Lettero brand name has been used for many years in offices, changing rooms, social rooms and warehouses for organizing, storing and protecting.

Thanks to many years of experience, excellent production plant equipment and professional engineering staff we design and manufacture unusual solutions for our customers.



Storage system for flexography

Lettero Color Matching Program

 flexography storage system  lighting booth